Three CRSAFP Teams Demonstrate Unity in Diversity

The principle, “Unity in Diversity,” that the Commandant of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Civil Military Operations School (AFPCMOS), MAJOR EDGARDO V. TALAROC JR. personally advocates, was once again demonstrated in the recent teambuilding event collaborated with Media and Civil Affairs Group (MCAG) headed by MAJOR MICHAEL C. AQUINO, the 7th Civil Relations Group (CRG), CRSAFP commanded by MAJOR EMMANUEL R. GARCIA, and the warrior-diplomat students of the Joint Strategic Basic CMO Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) Course, led by the their indefatigable Course Director MAJOR ROCKY C. ROSARIA. The said activity was held on Wednesday, April 29, 2015, at the 61st Marine Company (SPECOPS) at Camp Gregorio Lim, Caynipa, Ternate, Cavite.


Whole day physical activities. Starting off at early in the morning, the CMO future warrior diplomats were subjected to warm-up exercises  on the serene beach appointed exclusively for the use of the group that day in preparation for the Combat Life-saver (CLS) drills they were scheduled to perform. The CLS included water flotation exercise with only empty, recycled bottles as their floating device; life-saving techniques in water that comprised side-stroke swimming and ground proofing. They were also brought in the deep part of the sea aboard a rubber boat and then asked to swim ashore.

More fun happenings. As if the bodily workouts were not enough, the students continued on with more activities after their life-saving training. They conducted team-building activities that indeed showed their unity in times of stress and despite differences in background, upbringing and beliefs. On the other hand, the AFPCMOS staff and some participants from the MCAG and 7th CRG had the opportunity to perform firing exercise.

Oath of warrior-diplomat leaders. The AFPCMOS does not only train their students to become warrior diplomats. Molding them to become leaders is also one of the training objectives of the institution. That is why at end of the training exercises, the officers of the Class held a simple oath-taking rite.

Civilian partner. Special participants in this activity were the ROTC Emergency Disaster Defenders group under Mr. Louie Miranda. They gave the students swimming lessons and assisted them on “how not to drown.”

MAJOR TALAROC expressed his great appreciation to the 61st Marine Company (SPECOPS) headed by CAPTAIN FELIX A. SERAPIO, JR. for allowing private use of a portion of the camp’s beach area for this teambuilding effort of the AFPCMOS. He also commended the students for their determination and enthusiasm in all activities related to the course they are taking up at the institution.

Overall, and despite body pains, fatigue and bruises, the warrior-diplomat students were one in saying that it was a wonderful, challenging experience they are willing to go through over and over again. (Anabel T. Lasaten)