Strategic Information Support Affairs Officers Course Class 04-16 Tentative Convening Date is 12 July 2016

Students must have the required rank and achieved at least one of the following:

• Graduate of Basic CMO Course preferably in ISA;
• Underwent two (2) CMO-related trainings/seminars;
• Presently holding a CMO position;
• Held CMO position for at least one (1) year;
• Projected to be assigned in CMO units/officers preferably in ISA;
• Ranks: 2LT to LTC; candidates from other agencies, people’s organization and other companies must also possess the equivalent of the above-mentioned requirements.

Course Requirements:

• Recommendation from unit commander;
• Certification of no pending case;
• P-3 Classification order or medical certificate for those concerned;
• Security Clearances either from J2/G2/A2/N2/PNP;
• One (1) 2×2 picture for the information sheet;
• Summary of Information or Curriculum Vitae
• PFT Clearance or equivalent

Here is the link for the online pre-registration:

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