Social Media: A Tool for Change

2nd Social Media Summit Opening Ceremony

2nd Social Media Summit Opening Ceremony

In today’s world of advanced information technology and globalization, all thanks to social media, everything can be shared instantly to everyone from everywhere. But the question now is, “are you just sharing information because it is a trend? Or are you sharing with a purpose and relevance?” This is the reflection I had to ask myself after attending the 2nd AFP’s Social Media Summit last June 23, 2015 at the AFP Theater, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo.

The said summit was attended by more than a thousand of social media enthusiasts and I was indeed lucky and privileged being part of the summit. It invited notable speakers, who enlightened and inspired us on proper and responsible way of using social media as well as maximizing it for advancing patriotism. These perspectives made me synthesized that showing love for your motherland had evolved from using arms and protesting in the streets to responsible and patriotic conduct in social media – posting information that is relevant and beneficial to the society; stories and news that uplift the spirit of our fellowmen and encouraged and inspired them to do acts of goodness.

The social media summit also proved that the “age of internet of things” as they call it, is a medium where you can actually have the choice on the way you want to be identified or perceived in this world, which they also referred to as “Branding”, taking it into consideration that whatever you post and share in various social media accounts will be the reflection of no other than but you, yourself alone. As Ms. Jasmin Cagsawa, Director for Public Relations of ArdentCom said, “Social Media can make or break your brand”, a realization to all social media users to be not just careful but critical with our posts.

As a student and social media enthusiast, I saw the 2nd Social Media Summit as a great avenue for everyone to learn and be responsible and patriotic. An excellent gathering of today’s generations that despite of rapid advancement and technology and the internet of things, there are a lot of it to maximize for the betterment of our society. That social media, if used responsibly and properly, are a powerful tool to make the changes we want to see. (Justinne Jerico Socito)