PUP Emergency Preparedness: “Victim NO MORE”

Our ever changing world has indeed changed, what ever we give it, shall return it three folds.   We are the care taker of mother earth, it is our duty to  make  sure  balance  is  maintained. The fact that we have failed which resulted to abnormal weather behaviour resulting to several calamities is a grim reminder of what is to come. Government  alone   can   do   only  so much, but us, working hand in hand in preparing for the worse and hoping for the best.  Being prepared is vital to our survival, “Ligtas and Handa” let us not rely on others if we can teach ourselves to be Victim No More.photo 2 edit

The chivalrous vision of Maj. Emmanuel Garcia and his very effective staffs of the 7th Civil Relations Group, CRS AFP paved the way for the development of the first batch of Emergency Responders, as the  students and faculty of Polytechnic University of the Philippines Quezon City takes on the challenge for three gruelling days of mind, body and spirit that was held on last Friday, Saturday and Sunday (July 24 to 26, 2015). The lectures covered the various scenarios and conditions in any given disasters.  The importance of understanding the purpose of such training was literally covered thru experienced  resource  persons  in  the following institutions DOST, NDRRMC, MMDA,   REACT,   PNP   and   DSWD. With  all  this  awareness  put  together and   moulded   in   every   participants mind, one can now picture how important it is to absorb and apply not only in school but as well in their respective homes.   As our country prepares for the coming “Big One” we need to do our part and turn nothing into   everything.       It   is   now   the responsibility  of  every  citizen  to  make  sure  when  the  time  comes  we  are  much prepared.

Applications   of    Learning: Sharing the fun way on how to absorb the topic of Basic Life Support and some practical   First   Aid   Skills   thru   actual exercises can be a little bit tiring but very rewarding.  Distinguishing a heart attacked with an epileptic occurrence and what to do is just one of the many things every participants  must  see  thru.     Institutions upon  organizations  sought  the  need  to work together in spreading the experiences to any one willing to learn and share.  It is in this activities that we can make sure of proper  applications  of  methods  and  procedures. What  the  participants  maybe laughing at today, can someday save lives of people around them, and most specially even their love ones.photo 3 edit

Thanks to unwavering support of ROTC Philippines NCR Alumni Assn. Inc.®, field  group REDD (ROTC Emergency and Disaster Defenders) under the  infallible leadership of Mr. Louie M. Miranda in partaking their practical skills and know how in the arena  of  Disasters and  Emergencies making our  future  responders fully  equipped mentally and physically to address emergency situations and also in avoiding being the very victim as well.

Maj. Garcia recognizes the need to be prepared even in circumstances that equipment’s are not available we can still make a difference and function in ways the surroundings can give, making our manpower equally effective in accomplishing their purpose  no matter the odds.    And for the participants, truly appreciated the combined efforts put together in order for them to level up in their ordinary talents.

As we made our time beneficial to society exceeding our own capacity and assuring  our  country  one  less  victim  is  the  true  spirit  of  this  noble  endeavour. “Volunteers don’t  get  paid  not  because they  are  worthless, but  because they  are Priceless”. – Louie Miranda