Photo Credit: The Lopez Museum

From the outset the strategy of the Japanese in the Philippines was aimed at the alienation of the Filipinos from the Americans. This was systematically followed up to the fall of Bataan. Insidious propaganda leaflets were prodigiously dropped all over Bataan. Some samples of Japanese propaganda exhorted Filipino soldiers to kill the Americans and their officers: Illustrated leaflets picturing scenes of broken homes; happy scenes of reunited families; of menu of varied delicacies served in Manila restaurants; and card guaranteeing safe conduct if any Filipino surrenders by presenting this card to the Japanese, etc. However, the Filipino soldiers who had been reared and schooled in the democratic way of life and who were imbued with unswerving loyalty to America completely ignored the Japanese attempt to make them hate the Americans. To counteract any possible effects of Jap propaganda, the “Voice of Freedom” countered with propaganda capitalizing on Japanese brutality. Immortal practices were aired over the radio. “Aid is coming,” was heard every evening. – An excerpt: “An Analytical Study of the Defense of Bataan, by Maj M. T. Flores (INF) Philippine Army. Command and General Staff College, 31 May 49. FORT LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines Civil-Military Operations School (AFPCMOS) joins the whole nation in commemorating the heroism of our fellow Filipinos for their unconditional display of bravery in the midst of imminent danger. For today, we give honour to the Filipino heroes in the Battle of Bataan – soldiers who valiantly fought with all their might until the end. To this day, our soldiers continue to encourage unity and cooperation from the civilians in order to achieve total peace for the country through strength in unity.