Online Pre-Registration for Strategic CMO NCO Course Class 18-18

Pre-Registration for Strategic CMO NCO Course Class 18-18


The Strategic Civil-Military Operations (CMO) Non-Commissioned Officers Course is a 624-hour course designed to equip the current and prospective CMO assistant planners and operators with necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to effectively assist in planning, developing and implementing strategic CMO activities. The course shall enable students to apply the right mix of CMO (Information Support Affairs, Civil Affairs, and Public Affairs) in any given situation. This course is offered to enlisted personnel with the rank of Corporal to Staff Sergeant (E-3 to E-5) or its equivalent in the Philippine Air Force, Philippine Navy and other government agencies and organizations.


Student must:

  • have a basic CMO course/training;
  • be projected or presently assigned in a CMO unit/office; and
  • have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and basic internet operations.

Students must submit the following requirements:

  • recommendation from unit/office commander/head;
  • Summary of Information or Personal Data Sheet;
  • certification of no pending case;
  • clearance either from J2/G2/A2/N2/PNP/NBI;
  • P-3 classification order (if applicable); and
  • PFT Medical Clearance or equivalent.

Here is the link for the online pre-registration of CMO NCO Course Class 18-18:

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(The course has formally opened on February 15, 2018)