More Enlisted and Civilian Personnel Train as Warrior Diplomats

Around 70 enlisted personnel and civilian employees will soon add to the continuously growing number of warrior diplomats who trained under the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Civil Military-Operations School (AFPCMOS), with the joint opening yesterday of the Strategic CMO Joint NCO Course Class 14-15 and the Basic CMO Course for Civilian Employees Class 01-15.inside

During the opening ceremony held on August 18, 2015 at the Multi-Purpose Hall of the Civil Relations Service, AFP, the message of the guest of honor and speaker, the Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil Military Operations, G7, Philippine Army, COL RAMIRO MANUEL A REY, was read by his representative, COL FACUNDO O PALAFOX IV, who is also known in the AFP as among the pillars of CMO. In the message, COL REY expressed that learning the basics is “always crucial, but strategic learning will be the traction and added flair in the soldier’s continuous work for the people and for the country.”

Aside from becoming warrior diplomats, these two new batches of enlisted and civilian personnel automatically become part of the AFPCMOS Alumni Association (AFPCMOSAAI). – (Anabel T. Lasaten)