AFPCMOS Opens Two CMO Courses

AFP CMO School convenes its two courses for first quarter of 2017 today at CRSAFP Multipurpose Hall, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo Quezon City. A total of 68 students registered in Strategic CMO Officers Online Course Class 12-17, composed of officers and civilians from the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, other government agencies and private organizations, while 37 non-commissioned officers from the different units of the AFP and Philippine National Police joined the Strategic CMO NCO Course Class 16-17.

Students of Strategic CMO Officers Online Course and Strategic CMO NCO Course during the joint opening ceremony.

The Deputy Commander, Civil Relations Service, AFP, COL EDGARD A AREVALO PN(M) (GSC) graced the joint opening ceremony as keynote speaker. In his message, he emphasized the importance of the course and reminded the students to take full advantage of the programs to enrich their knowledge and experience of becoming strategic CMO planners, developers and implementers. He also challenged the students to make the most of their time and to successfully finish the course.

On the other hand, LTC EDGARDO V TALAROC JR (INF) PA, Commandant of the AFPCMOS warmly welcomed the students and encouraged them to actively engage in the course sessions and discussions.