AFPCMOS Opens Online Pre-Registration for Strategic CMO NCO Course

The AFP Civil-Military Operations School will convene its Strategic CMO NCO Course on 18 August 2015. For those who would like to enroll here are the qualifications and requirements.


Students must have the required rank and achieved at least one of the following:

• Graduate of Basic CMO Course preferably in ISA;
• Underwent two (2) CMO-related trainings/seminars;
• Presently holding a CMO position;
• Held CMO position for at least one (1) year;
• Projected to be assigned in CMO units/officers preferably in ISA;
• Ranks: PFC to SSg; candidates from other agencies, people’s organization and other companies must also possess the equivalent of the above-mentioned requirements.

Course Requirements:

• Recommendation from unit commander;
• Certification of no pending case;
• P-3 Classification order or medical certificate for those concerned;
• Security Clearances either from J2/G2/A2/N2/PNP;
• One (1) 2×2 picture for the information sheet;
• Summary of Information or Curriculum Vitae
• PFT Clearance or equivalent

Here is the link for the online pre-registration: