The Armed Forces of the Philippines Civil Military Operations School (AFPCMOS) continues to work on its quest of becoming a premier military learning institution in Asia with the opening of its first “Social Media Management and Product Development Training” Class 01-15 on May 6, 2015 at the Civil Relations Service (CRS) Multi-Purpose Hall.

Guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker during the opening ceremony was the Commander of CRSAFP, BGEN JOSELITO E KAKILALA, who congratulated the 34 students for taking on the challenge of going through the 4-week intensive social media training and being equipped with cyber skills. He emphasized the benefits of the course in the practice of their profession as AFP personnel as well in their personal interaction. GEN KAKILALA further encouraged them to become effective social media managers by engaging and being where the people are – in the social media world or the cyber world.

The “Social Media Management and Product Development Training” will provide the students with the knowledge and skills on how to come up with media products that are effective in advancing the advocacies of the military, as well as move people to action and win the peace for the AFP.

This new course is only the beginning of the AFPCMOS’ aim to develop and train as many AFP personnel as possible to become Cyber Warriors for Peace (CWP) – an effort that is part of the school’s way of supporting the AFP vision of creating a world-class organization that is a source of national pride. (Anabel T. Lasaten)