AFP CMO School takes the #BROWN4good Challenge


AFP Civil-Military Operations School staff join together to eat brown rice for lunch.

In support to the Be RiCEponsible advocacy campaign of the Department of Agriculture, the AFP Civil-Military Operations School took the #BROWN4good challenge to help raise awareness among Filipino families on the benefits of serving brown, unpolished rice. This advocacy encourages every Filipino to take part in responsible rice consumption and contribute towards the attainment of rice-sufficiency and food security in the country.

Take on the #BROWN4good challenge, cook at home or order brown rice from food establishments, snap a photo of the meal, post it on social media (facebook, twitter or instagram), caption it with #BROWN4good and #(your region), and challenge family & friends to do the same. For every #BROWN4good quoted per region, the Department of Agriculture will donate a cup of raw brown rice to help feed less fortunate Filipinos in different charities nationwide.