AFP CMO School Commandant addresses OMB


Armed Forces of the Philippines Civil-Military Operations School Commandant MAJ JO-AR A HERRERA delivered an inspirational talk to the men and women of Optical Media Board (OMB) during the flag raising ceremony at OMB office in Quezon City on May 26, 2014.

MAJ HERRERA shared his experience as a young company commander in Mindanao where he faced opportunities and challenges in leadership. He emphasized the importance of having faith in God as a soldier in the battlefield. He also expressed his gratitude for the safety of his troops and for the accomplishments in Civil-Military Operations activities they earned.

Providing insights in achieving an institution’s mission and vision, MAJ HERRERA said that it is not only about the leader who designates tasks but it is also about how every member of the organization accomplishes his or her task.


“Every success of an institution is not only because of the leader, it is because of all members who dedicate his or her heart for their job and love for their organization,” HERRERA said.

Also, MAJ HERRERA congratulated the OMB Chair Ronald N Ricketts and the people through their outstanding performance rendered in helping the country out of Piracy Watch list in the international setting.