AFP CMO School celebrates 8th Founding Anniversary

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Civil-Military Operations (CMO) School celebrated its 8th Founding Anniversary on July 8, 2014 at the Civil Relations Service (CRS) Multi-Purpose Hall with AFP Deputy of Staff for Education and Training OJ8 REAR ADMIRAL ALEXANDER S LOPEZ AFP as guest of honor and speaker.

The AFP CMO School was established in July 01, 2006 under the administrative and operational control of the CRS to provide specialized training on Civil-Military Operations for the entire AFP organization.

This year’s anniversary theme, “Advancing a Global Mind-Set Through Shared Education,” focuses on the dynamic shift of the AFP CMO School strategy. As AFP’s strategic school of Civil-Military Operations, the school has been undertaking a myriad of initiatives and curriculum development to cope with the dynamism of security challenges and fast changing information technology environment.

The theme also examines the achievements and opportunities of shared education. “The AFP CMO School is constantly espousing the pedagogy of cross-section learning through the innovative approaches. In line with this, several core programs pertaining to Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response, Multi-national Engagements, Peace Support Operations, Public Diplomacy, Information Operations and Strategic Communications were realized to optimize capabilities, assets and information exchanges, international cooperation,” said CRS Commander BGEN ROMEO G GAN AFP.

“The accelerating pace of education puts a greater emphasis on collaborations, conduct of inter-agency operations and shared education. The success of this shared education has provided a mechanism for the school’s improving inter-agency linkages and coordination across regional and global organizations through synchronization of capability efforts and adaptive prospectus,” said AFP COM School Commandant MAJ JO-AR A HERRERA PA.

“While the AFP continues to address traditional threats either man-made or natural, the AFP CMO School comprehensively upgrades its curriculum to be able to Connect, Respond and Stimulate their learners, students and stakeholders through capacity building in Civil-Military Operations and other related doctrines. These concepts need regional, international and global understanding, mastery and various engagements to complement with the vision of the AFP in pushing the transformation of our military organization as world class Armed Forces,” BGEN ROMEO G GAN AFP added.

The celebration marked the AFP CMO School’s tribute to its partners and individuals who have exemplary contributed to the accomplishment of the school’s mission in the conduct of training and education.

“Valuing people, optimizing critical thinking and the ability to seize opportunities are the cornerstones of the AFP Civil-Military Operations School today,” said MAJ JO-AR A HERRERA.

A short video about the AFP CMO School was presented to give glimpse of the achievements during its 8-year operations.

Plaques of Recognition were given to the following:

COL FEROZALDO PAUL T REGENCIA (GSC) PA and COL NOEL J DETOYATO (GSC) PA, for their exemplary, outstanding contribution, and invaluable service rendered as Subject Matter Expert for Calendar Year 2014.

MAJ MICHAEL T AQUINO (INF) PA, for having been adjudged as the Best Instructor of the Year for the calendar year 2014.

AW1C Annie B Magbanua PAF, for having been adjudged as the Best Instructor of the Year – Enlisted Personnel category for the calendar year 2014.

Professor Liezl Rillera Astudillo, for her exemplary, outstanding contribution and invaluable service rendered as consultant/adviser for calendar year 2014.

Individuals and Outstanding Alumni who were awarded with the CMO Soldier:


Partners who were awarded with the CMO Soldier:

Law Enforcement and Security Integration Office, Security Reform Initiative, Anti-Terrorism Council, Mr. Juan Paolo Magtira, 5th Military Information Support Battalion (AIRBORNE) (MISB) and 97th Civil Affairs Battalion (AIRBORNE) (97th CAB)

The 2014 AFP CMO School Alumni Officers were also inducted during the program.

To provide a periodical that offers an inter-agency approach and analysis of issues concerning law enforcement and security challenges through the Capstone Program of AFP Civil-Military Operations School, Veritas Vincit – the Official Academic Journal of the FP CMO School was also launched during the celebration. Veritas Vincit, a product of collaboration between the AFP Civil-Military Operations School, CRS, AFP and the Law Enforcement Security Integration Office (LESIO), Office of the President.

The Capstone experience involves identifying an information problem in a real-world setting and developing the means to address such an obstacle. The Capstone experience also synchronizes coalitions for law enforcement and security in the following agencies: Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine National Police (PNP), Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), Bureau of Immigration, and Law Enforcement Security Integration Office (LESIO).

BGEN GAN and MAJ HERRERA presented an artwork illustrating the tasks of a Warrior Diplomat created by Juan Paolo Magtira as a token for REAR ADMIRAL ALEXANDER S LOPEZ AFP. It is described in the artwork: “A warrior diplomat is a Filipino soldier specialized in Civil-Military Operations particularly in the conduct of peace building initiative, conflict management facilitation, humanitarian assistance and disaster response. A warrior diplomat soldier is culturally competent communicator, strong adherence to human rights, and socially dynamic and mutual partner in nation building. These virtues demonstrate the roles of Filipino Soldier in the 21st Century.”