AFPCMOS-HEADER-LOGOEducation at AFPCMOS evolved in consonance with the dynamic environment of Civil- Military Operations. Being a strategic school for CMO, this institution conducts the following courses:

A.Strategic CMO Officers Online CourseThe purpose of the course is to provide students with information and skills necessary to work in partnership with relevant agencies to pursue objectives in the operational and strategic level. The course will provide students with joint and multinational civil-military operations doctrine, organization, employment and process; art of persuasion and influence; interagency collaboration, multinational operations, understanding culture and human behavior, propaganda and issue analysis, and strategic communication strategies.

B. Strategic Information Support Affairs Officers Course. The course will introduce CMO doctrine particularly on ISA, organization and employment, ISA development process, marketing and advertising principles, social and behavioral science, culture, art of persuasion and influence, adaptive leadership techniques, social science research, public diplomacy, interagency, political/military analysis, and strategic issues to students, necessary to be successful and effective ISA operators at the operational and strategic level.

C. Strategic CMO NCO Course. The course will train Enlisted Personnel and other qualified students outside the AFP in providing CMO support, service support, and support planning to CMO units. Through this course, students will become familiar with the fundamentals, doctrine, processes and pillars of CMO and other CMO-related subjects and employ the same in CMO activities at the operational and strategic level.

D. Basic CMO Course for Civilian Employee. To educate CRSAFP civilian personnel on the Fundamentals, Doctrine, Processes and Pillars of CMO and other CMO-related subjects.

E. Social Media Product Development and Management Training. To train personnel of the AFP, PNP and other agencies in the principles, techniques, and skills required to perform the duties and functions of video production and documentation, Enhance the skills of personnel in product conceptualization and product development using Adobe software, To introduce and orient the students to the recent trends and methodologies in Social Media; develop their skills on Social Media Management and realize the importance of Social Media to their respective organizations, To help the students enhance or increase their digital knowledge and skills. Attendees on the course will have comprehensive knowledge on managing their organization’s efforts in Online Social Media Networks and production of relevant items.

FCMO (MTT) Trainors Course. To train and organize CMO Mobile Training Teams and SMEs for the PN & PAF who are assigned at Unified Commands.

G. Compact ISA Training. To train officers and enlisted personnel on the basics and fundamentals of Information Support Affairs and equip them with necessary skills needed in the field of Information Support Affairs operation.

H. Compact CMO Training. To train officers and enlisted personnel of CMO units in Unified Commands in order to perform CMO related functions and activities.


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