Insights and Reflections on the Social Media Product Development and Management Training Class 11-20

The AFP CMO School recently produced new partners in nation-building through the fourteen (14) graduates of the Social Media Product Development and Management Training Class 11-20.  See below into the insights of the graduates:


*As shared during the Closing Ceremony conducted on September 18, 2020.

In the span of one month and fourteen days of quarantine, it has been truly momentous to be included as one of the students of Social Media Product Development and Management Training Class 11-20, the best class of its kind in the AFP CMO school. Some may say that we were not taking the training seriously and it is just an alibi for us to be excused from duty and to laze around with fellow classmates. But we proved them wrong. As Warrior Diplomats who are very much exposed to dealing with different target audiences, it is such a fulfilling experience for us to understand better the new approach on how to defeat the enemy by means of proper messaging. Through this, we can change the behavior of our target audience from unfavorable to favorable in support to the mission of our unit and the AFP as a whole. We all know that the military is in need of members who are highly-trained in technical skills especially in the Civil Military Operations. It is therefore a must for us to take this training in a serious and wholehearted manner

As we went along the training, we encountered several challenges and trials that tested our sense of obedience, unity, bonding and most especially our stability in times of pressure. We can still recall our exercises wherein our class was divided. It was sleepless nights just to comply with the activities encapsulated in the series of scenarios given in a short period of time. We were challenged by the members of the panel to produce quality products that should meet their standard. During our exercises, we were able to solidify the unity of our class by helping each one another and extending our efforts to the other groups as well. During that time, we were fueled by the desire that we don’t want anybody or any group to be left behind. Eventually, we surpassed it with flying colors.

The training was not that easy as what others might think it must be. We have to be disciplined and committed to do things in order to successfully comply our assigned task. As we now reach the completion of this training, we will graduate with a fulfilled heart.  We promise to continue improving our CMO skills and capabilities. We will see this as another challenge that we need to surpass.

Now, as i reflect my journey towards the fulfillment of this training, i have earned a newfound appreciation towards CMO operators. I strongly believe that the training should maintain its strict standards and ensure the maximum availability and readiness of every aspiring warrior diplomats.

From AW2C Anna Marie D Esguerra PAF

It’s been a month since I started taking the Social Media Product Development and Management Training. Nervousness filled me the first time I entered the training, but as I went through it, I find it challenging. The challenge that I find in here had brought me to a very far experience that I came to become something I never expected to be.

During these days that we are facing a pandemic, adjusting to the new normal is kind of hard thing to do. Everything seems to be moving with technology.  What made this course feel harder was when I felt alienated with the topics discussed. I remember when we are having discussions on PCVE, SCAME to Stratcom. It just felt like I was transported to another universe.  But all that alienation disappeared when Photoshop, Videography, Photography and the many other multimedia tasks came into the picture. It was just amazing because I was able to use and share my knowledge about the degree that I took in college—BSIT. In addition is that it is also my passion that made me easily get to relate to the topics. I also cannot forget our instructors who are really effective and knowledgeable that we are able to connect with them. And lastly, is their resourcefulness and their way of teaching that helped me a lot in adopting and adjusting.


A2C John Michael L Samonte PAF

Fascinating experience!

The Social Media Product Development and Management Training was full of fun and very informative experiences. As a background, I am a first-timer in the world of video and photo editing.  In this class, the subject-to-subject discussion was greatly explained. There was no need for me to interrupt the class discussion for me to just ask questions on the use of applications in photo and video editing.  Our learning on these skills was translated when we started individually making outputs that served as our turn-ins for our course requirements.

This is not to brag, but I really have learned photo and video editing, and I find it to be both very interesting and satisfying. Looking at the products I have crafted myself, and seeing tangibly what’s on my mind gives me excitement and challenges me to do more and improve more. Personally, I gratify the school for showcasing such very useful skills and knowledge. I am also thankful that while this training deals with skills in making Social Media products, it also imparts knowledge about Civil-Military Operations that strongly deepens my CMO awareness.