The Spectra of CMO Professionals at its Best

28 February 2020 marked the closing ceremony of Strategic Civil Military Operations for Non-Commissioned Officers Class 21-19 at Bulwagang Reyes, Civil Relations Service, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo.

The AFP CMO School continuously develops the students’ pedagogical learning in the institution. Equipping the students in Strategic CMO through a carefully designed training plan, the school proudly presented the students’ accomplishments throughout the course, as well as their accomplishments in the Immersion Phase, which the Commanders of the gaining units have consistently appraised positively.

Graduating at the top of the 58-strong class is Patrolman Jovanie P Berang 285283 (PNP) who ranked number one (1) in class, followed by Airman Second Class Charles Albert A Caayaman 947763 (PAF) who ranked number two (2), and Patrolwoman Josephine T Blanche 311677 (PNP) who ranked number three (3).  Several other graduates have also received academic and special awards such as the Commander Civil Relations Service, AFP Award, the AFP CMO School, Commandant’s Award, Letter of Commendation, Physical Proficiency Award, Leadership Award, Special Award, Special Studies Award on Area Study, Target Audience and Issue Analysis, Strategic Communications Snapshot (Group Category), and other Special Awards.   As apprised by the Commandant, AFPCMOS this class had the most number of students who have obtained awards, a testimony to the excellence demonstrated by the students throughout the course.  During the ceremony, two students, TSg Aspiras PAF and PCpl Vicente Yacao PNP have shared their reflectons on the course (see related article).

The Keynote Speaker, MGEN ERNESTO C TORRES JR AFP, Commander, CRSAFP, congratulated the new batch of warrior diplomats, who are now bonafide partners of the AFP in nation-building. He highlighted the importance of continuing education, citing that each one should invest in developing one’s skills, and told the graduates to be grateful for having been chosen by their respective units to undergo the Strategic CMO course because not everyone is given the opportunity to do so.  He also bid the graduates to be always two steps ahead, and use their skills to shape the environment and influence policy makers to be able to deter any threats to peace in the country. In closing, the Commander left a quote by Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

            On March 06, 2020, the School will open the Strategic CMO NCO Course Class 22-20 and soon welcome another batch of prospective warrior diplomats whose quest for learning never end and who advocate peace and who are important partners in nation-building.