Two (2) new graduates of the Social Media Product Development and Management Training share their insights into their training


The AFP CMO School has recently produced 27 new graduates of the tenth class of the Social Media Social Media Product Development and Management Training last October 14, 2019.  See below and read the essays contributed by two (2) of our new Graduates:

PCpl Wilfred M Agaran Jr 3266583 PNP-SAF

Along with twenty six (26) other uniformed personnel and civilians from the Philippine Air Force, Philippine Navy and Marines, Philippine Army, and the Philippine National Police, I am one of the graduates of Social Media Product Development and Management Training Class 10-19.  The aim of this training I have attended is to broaden our, the participants’ digital knowledge and ability towards Social Media Product Development and Management which results to the realization of how social media contributes to the performance of our respective units.  We were given an opportunity to enhance our skills on digital technology such as video production, documentation and product development using adobe soft wares.

It is known that social media is considered to be the number one means of communication worldwide. Thus, it gives mankind a great level of influence. Thus, it is important not just for members of the uniformed service but also for all government institutions to continuously enhance their awareness on the possibilities with using social media, and improving their knowledge and capabilities in using technology in order to better cope with the rapidly changing digital field.

This training has enabled us to develop our skills in social media product designing and also provided us the knowledge on how to address issues expressed by any individuals or organizations through responsible social media engagement. This is the most crucial part because as a member of the security sector, it is important to keep a positive image of the government, and always bear in mind the safety of the civilians we have sworn to protect.



Ms. Marjorie V Saludo CHR

 At the earliest part of my stay here in AFP CMO School, I really didn’t know what to expect, but I can remember how I felt, I was eager. Today, reflecting back about the experience, I can say that it truly pays to be enthusiastic. To not only do what I have to do but also add enthusiasm to make it even more worthwhile. The whole experience, though it was a bit short, has truly been rewarding. Knowing that everything I’ve learned during my one month of schooling on Social Media Product Development and Management Training will not only benefit me but also my whole unit in Southern Luzon Command, Civil Military Operations. As we try to promote the #AFPYouCanTrust and try to win the hearts and minds of the people, we know how significant social media is in our daily operations.

I read a famous lesson from Confucius that illuminates the importance of active engagement and real time experiences in learning.




Our instructors didn’t just tell us or show us the lessons, they allowed us to be involved. They let us create our own materials, products, ways to interpret how we feel, and what we want our audiences to feel as well. They guided us on how to effectively get the message across, how to analyze, they didn’t just discuss, they made sure to hear our thoughts, to ask questions if we want to know more, learn more and have a better understanding of the topics, and most importantly they gave us enough time for active experimentation, for planning and trying out what we have learned. I believe that learning deeply involves asking questions, testing ideas and finding answers, and today I realized that it is through reflecting about the learnings and the concrete experiences that will lead you to recognizing that the whole experience has forged a new set of skills, knowledge, and way of thinking.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have learned new things, and for having the chance to try something new. But the learning doesn’t end there, I am aware that it takes constant practice, sincere dedication in improving the craft you have chosen, and the knowledge that you have gained. I’m sure everyone knows what a corn seed is. When you plant a corn seed on a healthy soil, you don’t get a corn seed but a corn. It’s because the harvest is always greater than what is planted as long as we nurture them properly. I will dedicate myself further in cultivating what I’ve learned, stimulating stronger desires, and creativity to make continuous improvements, because it’s only through continuous learning that we can add to the vast knowledge of mankind.

And lastly, I would like to leave everyone with a quote from David Alston, “Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.” The goal is not to impose opinions and meanings, but to impose feelings.