Transcending Efforts Building Bridges towards Peace

The opening ceremony of Social Media Product Development and Management Training Class 09-19 was held on May 7, 2019 at Bulwagang Reyes, Civil Relations Service Armed Forces of the Philippines, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City.


The class is composed of 46 uniformed personnel and some civilian employees from the different Major Services of the AFP: the Philippine Army, Philippine Air Force, Philippine Navy (Marines), and also from the Philippine Coast Guard.


For a span of one month, the students will undergo training that enhance their potentials and capabilities in Social Media Product Development and Management in order to create social media products that are in supportive to the CMO Objectives of the AFP. Such skills will also be very useful as they return to their respective unit assignments and as they participate in CMO activities in their respective Areas of Responsibility.


Gracing the ceremony as Guest of Honor and Speaker is LTC ANTONIO CARLOS S FERNANDO (MNSA) PN(M) (RES), Assistant Vice President of UDENNA Development (UDEVCO) Corporation, who was once a Corps Commander of UP Reserve Officer Training Corps (UPROTC) during his college days.

With a vast experience in private companies, LTC FERNANDO stressed that not all civilians are aware of the projects and programs of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, most specifically those from the working sector due to time limitations in reading articles, and some are misinformed about the activities of the AFP while some remember only the atrocities and abuses made by the military in the past. Citing statistics on how the Philippines is among of the countries with the largest social media users worldwide that spends approximately 10 hours in the internet, he stressed the importance of correcting all the wrong impressions of the private sectors that are misguided by fake news that rapidly spread over the internet. LTC FERNANDO suggests that the Civil Relations Groups, Civil Relations Units and AFP Counterparts should provide a timely and accurate information regarding the AFP programs on peace and security. He added that we should also engage the youth and listen to the youth, the millennials that are very active in using the social media platforms and are vulnerable on the enemy’s influence to prevent them in becoming the victim of what he called “social media war”.

Therefore, by equipping and increasing the technical skills of the AFP personnel and all other government agencies with the necessary knowledge on managing social media platforms, whole-of-a-nation approach would be possible.

To read LTC FERNANDO’s speech during the ceremony, you may click on this link: GOHAS-SPEECH