The Warrior Diplomat wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as he stands beside the Christmas tree made from recycled papers

The Armed Forces of the Philippines Civil-Military Operations School (AFPCMOS) is living the holiday vibe!

When the Civil Relations Service, Armed Forces of the Philippines, challenged its Units to decorate their offices with indigenous and recycled materials, the clever and talented staff of the AFPCMOS came up with ingenious ideas. To make a festive décor this Christmas, they gave the School a creative process treatment by making something magical out of something old and doomed for the bin, such as twigs and branches, used cardboards, bottle caps, empty glass bottles, and disposable cups.

This year’s theme not only helped the School save money from buying new stuff, it also reduced the environmental impact of the holiday season!

Together with its warmest Christmas greetings, the AFPCMOS is inviting you take a glimpse of its fantastic project to make you experience the perfect holiday feels with its greenest Christmas ever!